TOTP Romance Spesh (TJ)


What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
TJ: (Looks bashful) I used to sing for my ex girlfriend. I'd take her to the beach and then start singing a romantic song to her.  

Did she ever get embarrassed?  

TJ: No! She really liked it.

What's the first thing you notice about an attractive girl?
TJ: Her smile - I like a big, friendly smile! Also the way a girl carries herself. I'm not really attracted a girl who's going out of her way to be noticed, I'm more likely to be interested in the girl in the background, doing her own thing.

Where on your body to you most like to be kissed?

TJ: (laughs shyly) My ears are sensitive although I don't know whether they're my favorite spot to be kissed. (Pause for thought) Actually, yeah, around my ears. That turns me on.  

What's the ultimate romantic gesture?

TJ: It's nothing to do with expensive gifts. For me, the most romantic thing would be an innocent gesture which is done with alot of feeling. An innocent smile is what affects me most.

Is romance over rated?
TJ: No, not at all.  I think giving flowers and presents is an important part of a relationship, but some people think romance is more important than friendship, which I think is all wrong. Friendship is the most important thing.  

Who is your ideal woman?

TJ: There's no one person as such. She would have to be someone who could be fun, faithful and a great friend. But most of all I'd need a person who, like me, would do anything for someone without thinking of themselves first. That's special.

Where would you go on an ideal date?

TJ: I'd like to go somewhere where I could talk to her, so I could get to know more about her. I wouldn't want to organize anything really big, such as going to a very fancy restaurant, as I wouldn't want too much pressure. I prefer to feel more relaxed. I also wouldn't want to mislead her on a first date, in case it didn't work out in the end.

Have you ever two-timed or been two-timed?

TJ: I don't think anyone has done it to me - as far as I know - and I've never dated two girls at once. However, I do find breaking up difficult to do, and there was a situation once where I had broken up with my girlfriend and was still there for her but then kind of met someone else. But it wasn't, as you call it, two-timing.

Are you an easy person to go out with?

TJ: Yeah, I think so. I don't get mad a lot and I don't like to argue. I'm not someone who is possessive either. So as long as I'm with someone similar, then I think I'd be fairly easy to get along with.

Have you ever done something really embarrassing to attract the attention of someone you fancied?
TJ: No, because I've always been really shy. Being a Jackson meant we drew a lot of attention. I've never been the first one to make an approah - even if I was really interested in a girl, she'd have to come up to me. That's been the way with all my girlfriends.

Do you find it hard to resist beautiful women?
TJ: Being totally honest, it used to be hard until about a year ago. But now it's not so hard, perhaps because we've met a lot of beautiful girls. I've learnt that it's not about beauty but about friendship and personality.

How far would you go on a first date?
TJ: I would probably kiss her if I thought she was a potential girlfriend, but if I was back at home I'm not so sure. A kiss means something different in LA - the girls kiss guys for a lot of different reasons - and so giving someone a kiss can be quite confusing. Basically though, if I met someone I really liked then I'd hope things would go as far as a kiss.

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