The Totally Tasty Trio



Are you romantic lads?
Taj: When we're with someone we're quite creative - we like to sing to girlfriends and stuff. You should never let things get boring 'cause relationships need to be fun.
TJ: It's harder to be romantic because the group is taking off and we're so busy. You can't really commit to someone and then go off on tour.

When was your first snog?
Taryll: We were on a school trip and I remember that I didn't like the kiss at all. It just felt all funny and we didn't know what to do. It wasn't even with my tongue, it was just a peck.
TJ: I liked it straight away. I used to practice beforehand and imagine what kissing would be like. I can't remember much about my first one but it was a real kiss...a REAL kiss!!
Taj: I built up my courage for 17 years before I could do it, so when I did, it was well worth the wait. I enjoyed it - we went on a date the next night again!

What do you like in a girl?
Taj: The beauty inside. We like modesty in a girl. Someone might be beautiful outside but what's the use if they're not beautiful inside?
TJ: I like women like Teri Hatcher. Taj likes her as well. She's got a natural beauty which really attracts me.

What's the most romantic thing you've done?
Taryll: I wrote a song called I Love You for a girl and then sang it to her. She was blown away!
Taj: I stole his song to sing to a girl! No, only joking! I write poetry and I recited some to someone I loved. I even framed it with a rose and gave it to her. That was pretty romantic. I wasn't embarrassed doing that because you have to take a chance in love and see if someone loves you too!

What do you think of British girls?
Taj: They've been excellent. They've kept us inspired while we've been here and if they're worried we won't come back again - don't be - we love it here!
TJ: The fans here love touching you a lot more - not that we're complaining!

Have you had any rude fan mail?
TJ: We've had marriage proposals and thinks like that but no really dirty stuff. Should we have?
Taj: The girls here love screaming things at you but most of the time it's for autographs and kisses.

Would you like to get married?
Taj: You have to find the right person first. Maybe in five or seven years I'd like to be settled down and married. I want loads of kids by the time I'm 30. A whole baseball team!
TJ: I'm only 17 now, but my adult life seems to have started earlier than the others. I'm more ahead of schedule. By the time I'm 26 or 27 I want to be married.
Taryll: I reckon in about ten years or so too, that's cool. Marriage is hard work though, you have to be sure beforehand.

How would you describe love?
Taryll: Love is when you care about somebody, it's happiness, it's sharing. It's a feeling of total bliss. Sometimes you can love somebody too much though.
TJ: I read a story in the paper about two people that were in love with each other but because they were from different countries their parents didn't like it, so they ran into a lake together and drowned. That's really sad, but it must have been true love.

So what about Uncle Michael and Lisa Marie getting a divorce?
TJ: They've had so much pressure on them, especially from the press - it must be hard to stay together.
Taryll: The press only report the bad things. They don't know how much love there is between them.
Taj: Nobody ever said about Michael and Lisa Marie 'Oh, that's nice, I hope it lasts'. Everybody wanted to kill the relationship before it had a chance.


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