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All 3T ever get asked about in interviews is Michael Jackson. Yes they're signed to Uncle Mike's MJJ record label. Yes he produced their debut album, Brotherhood. Yes they might be releasing their duet, Why, as a follow-up to their smash single, Anything. And yes they grew up playing games with Uncle Michael in the toy room at his Neverland Ranch. When we interviewed the Jackson brothers we asked only about girls. The guys were so glad to talk about something different for a change we couldn't shut them up. Here's what Taj and TJ told us...

What do you think of the British girls you've met so far?
TJ: "We didn't get to talk to too many fans on our British trip, but enough to have and idea what they're like. American girls are more reserved when you meet them. British girls are wild in comparision - although they're very sweet and nice as well. They're very giving and loyal fans. We were told they'd rip are clothes off given half the chance."

Do the fans go for you more, TJ, because you're the youngest?
TJ: "I don't get any special treatment from the fans being the youngest. Every fan has their favorite. I'm 17, Taryll is 19 and Taj is the oldest at 22. But I don't feel any difference in ages between us. I get advice from them and that's a good thing. We're normal, average guys who lead a pretty normal life."

Do you share the same tastes in girls?
TJ: "I don't think so, really. We have such a wide range of tastes. We never argue over who fancies who. If that situation ever arose we'd play video games and the winner would get her. No, no, I'm just kidding! I really don't know what would happen. We would agree and walk away from it. That thing could lead to trouble."
Taj: "We all like nice girls; girls who have a nice personalitly. All our past have been very different. Looks like we definatly have different tastes, but not personalitly. All our past girlfriends have had pretty much nice personalities and were fun to be with."

Have you had a lot of "past girlfriends"?
Taj: "It sounds as if we have had, but I've actually only had two. My first girlfriend was at the age of 17, so I haven't got that much expereince. I broke up with her about two years ago. When I broke up with both girlfriends it was really hard on me. The first one dumped me. Dumped you can get used to. The ending of the second relationship was tougher becase the girl wasn't so understanding. I wasn't able to spend much time with her because of music. She would get really jealous of my career and if fans talked to me."

Was your first kiss awkward or embarrassing?

Taj: "No not really. That was at age 17 too, ha ha! I started really late with girls. I'm the wrong person to ask 'cos both my brothers started kissing girls at about age 14 or something. Out of all my brothers I was the last person to kiss a girl. I'm more serious that way. I'm looking more for a steady realationship than my happy go lucky younger brothers who'll kiss and run. I want longevity out of a relationship."

What are the good and bad points about your brothers?
TJ: "The bad things about Taj is he's slow. Not mentally, but slow. He takes a long time to waken up in the morning, or just to get going generally. But his good thing is he's very nice and he's a good older brother. He doesn't get mad too much. The thing about Taryll is he's very emotional. When he gets mad he gets really mad. When he gets happy he gets really happy. That's his postive and negative attributes. And me? I'm pretty lazy. They say the youngest brother is always the messy untidy one; the one who leaves his dirty socks lying around the house and stuff like that. I have a dirty room, but I'm working on it! I'm very lazy and I leave things lying on the floor. The good thing about me is that I have a love for learning. I think that's important. A lot of kids don't like to learn, they'd rather party."

Do a lot of girls try to get off with you because of who you are?
TJ: "Not really, and not even at school before we started the band. We all went to a pretty prestigious school. There were the a lot of celebrity kids there, like Rod Stewert's and Quincy Jones' kids. There were a lot of spoilt kids there like you see in Beverly Hills 90210 or the film Clueless. These kids go to school at 16 driving a Mercedes or a Porsche and they all have mobile phones. I feel lucky to have a wealthy upbringing; the best thing about having money behind you is the security. But you also have to experience the bad to appriciate it. Not may of these kids have been to Gary, Indiana where our father is from (their dad is Tito Jackson, Michael's elder brother and the
founding member of the Jackson 5). He took us to see his home town, and beleive me, that is like the number one worst place in America!"
Taj: "I always used to notice at school that people would be more friendly when there was a Jackson tour coming up. And at other times, someone might be really off-hand with you when they first meet you and then they'll come running over later saying 'Oh, I didn't realise you were...' and they're all of a sudden more friendly."

What's your ideal date?
TJ: "My ultimate date? First , probably the movies. Then dinner. And then a walk down the beach."
Taj: "Not wining and dining like TJ, that's too serious for me. I'd play a game like mini-golf. Something where we could both have a lot of fun."

Would you snog a girl on the first date?
TJ: "If I really, really liked her and she liked me. But just a kiss though. It's such an awkward moment that first kiss. I wouldn't start it, the girl would have to."

What's your worst dating disaster?
TJ: "I don't get much time now for dating, and I'm kinda young. I think girls expect us to be all smoochy because of the kind of songs we sing. We always have a lot to live up to. But I've had practice and I'm ready!"

Would you like to have girlfriends?
TJ: "I would. but maybe not now. I'm working too hard and I'm always traveling too much. I would never see her. But eventually I'd love to have a
Taj: "I would love to have a girl too. I'm always looking. I guess it'd just finding someone who's understanding and who loves me for who I am."



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