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Taryll, the emotional one, tells us what he really dislikes about himself, the reason he doesn't trust many people and why he wishes he could just relax sometimes...

Your brothers describe you as, "the emotional one -one minute Taryll's really, really, really happy, and the next he's really, really mad". Is that fair?
Yes, I think so. I do have very strong emotions particularly where music is concerned. The three of us have worked extremely hard to be in the position we're in now so it means a lot to me and I'm very serious about it. I do let my emotions out, much more so than my brothers. My mother was always like that so I've inherited it from her.

How often do you lose your temper?

If I'm very, very upset I might lose my temper and shout. I did it about two weeks ago. Sometimes I'll take it out on my brothers and they'll take it out on me. But I understand what they're doing. I'll feel bad about it afterwards but we make up quickly.

How do you calm down when you're really angry?
I hate arguing and yelling. It's pointless because you say things you don't mean. If I can't talk things through calmly, I'll go and play basketball with my friends to work it out of my system. Or else I'll laugh about it, that's always a good way of getting rid of anger.

How about when you're upset?
Well, I remember one summer when I broke up with my girlfriend who I had been seeing for a long time. It was a really hard time for me and I was very upset. I decided to go bike riding with TJ and his friend Quincy every day. Taj, of course, would be in his room playing on his computer. It was brilliant fun and a great way to get away from everything that was going on.

What quality do you most admire in other people?
Honesty. That's really important. I also like someone who's well-mannered and not a super slob.

What don't you like about yourself?
There's a lot I don't like about myself. I don't like the fact that I'm so serious sometimes and the fact that I'm so into my music that I spend the vast majority of my time doing it. I can't help it. I wish I could be more relaxed sometimes.

Which of your two brothers are you most like?
Both of them, if that's possible! I'm like TJ in that I like playing sport and eating junk food but I'm like Taj in that I'm quiet, sometimes silly and also health conscious. It may sound strange to be health conscious and eat junk food but I'm vegetarian and eat fairly healthy junk food!

How does being the middle brother affect you?
I don't see myself as the middle one. Anyway, everyone always thinks I'm the eldest when they first meet us, and think TJ's next and Taj is the youngest. Behind the scenes though, Taj is definitely the eldest whereas in public, I am because I speak out the most.

Are you the toughest one in 3T then?

Well, I certainly always voice my opinions when I need to but I also know when to keep my mouth shut. I let things build up but if someone goes too far, I'll say something, often when my brothers don't feel they can. None of us like to offend people but occasionally you have to, otherwise they'll walk all over you and keep doing it. Out of the three of us, I'm most definitely the one who'll stand up to people.

Do you spend more time working on music than the other two?
Yes, and they'd agree with that. We write some songs together, some I write by myself and some they'd write by themselves. But I'd say I've written more than them. That's because I just write whenever I have a spare moment.

Is music the most important thing in your life?
(without hesitation) Yes, I'd say so.

What would you like to do in the future?
I want to produce other artists and I feel some of the music I write is good enough to make an album for someone in the future. I wish I could be doing that right now but it's so hard because we're limited time wise, and we're not organised enough. We just have to sit down and do these things, but it's hard when you don't have the time to sit down.

Do you feel you don't have enough free time?
Absolutely. It's got to the point sometimes when we do signings for fans at record stores and they say, "cheer up!" to us. When you reach that point you need a break. Sometimes the business people don't seem to realise we're human. They think we're machines. They just read the schedule on a sheet but they don't have to do the physical work.

Do you find it hard to trust the people working in the industry?
I don't like to mix with a lot of people, in the industry or outside of it, because I don't trust that many people, especially having seen what my uncle and my dad went through. So I have a small group of friends but I prefer that, rather than lots of friends who are probably going to disappear at some point.

Would you like to settle down in the future?

Yes, I'd like to meet someone and have a family but it has to happen at a set time, and not for a while. Would I like my kids to go into music? I'd encourage them if that's what they wanted to do but I wouldn't start them off at six or seven. When you're that age, you don't know what you want to do for the rest of your life.

What qualities do you look for in a girl?
I like people who are happy just being themselves. I wouldn't want her to be loud one day to make people look at her and then quiet the next day so people will say, "Oh, what's the matter?".

What do you think is a very sexy outfit?
I like girls to wear whatever they want as long as they feel confortable. I'm not going to say I like girls who wear blue jeans and white tops because then I'll probably meet 20 girls dressed like that. They'd just be dressing like that because they think that's what I like. I'm not going to fall in love with someone who dresses in the way that I tell them and does what I tell them, because then they're my own creation.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

I'm not into buying $3,000 suits and $600 shirts, for sure. That's a lot of money, even if I could afford it. I don't feel I need to wear expensive clothes and I'd rather save the money and buy video games or candy. I tend to give a lot of my clothes and shoes away to my friends if I think they'll like them.

What's been your biggest disappointment?
My mother's death obviously made me very, very sad. But from a music point of view, I'm disappointed by a lot of music we have here in America. I hate gangsta rap, it's so negative. But I'm also disappointed by the way the world is becoming more violent. A while ago, you could
play basketball in the park and walk home on your own at night. Now you can't because you'll probably be robbed or attacked.

You once said you hated the way you used to look. Why is that?
I don't remember saying that. Maybe I was talking about my hair! I think I look OK. Everybody wishes they were fantastic-looking - a bit slimmer here or with more muscles there- but no one's perfect. Everyone's said at one point, "Man I'm ugly!". At the moment, I feel pretty good about myself.



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