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3T are on tour – but would they song a fan, do a duet with Jarvis Cocker, or wear see-through trousers? Let’s find out…

You’re asked to perform a duet with the Spice Girls, Boyzone or Oasis. Who do you choose?
Taj: "Well, it wouldn't be the Spice Girls. We met them a few weeks ago in Germany and Victoria tried to yank my trousers down on live TV. Luckily I had a belt on and she couldn't get them down. Can you imagine how embarrassed I would have been?"
Taryll: "We'd pick Oasis cos we're big fans. We'd love to write with Noel – we'd make good music together."
TJ: "We saw Oasis at a club once but we didn't say anything to them cos Noel had a huge entourage around him – it was a bit like trying to get near our Uncle Michael Jackson."

You’re about to go on stage when a millionaire offers you $1 million not to perform? Do you accept the cash?
Taryll: "For $1 million? Yeah. No question. I think I’d go sick on that day. I don’t think there’s one person who wouldn’t agree to that…"
Taj: "I’d do it and if anyone had a problem I’d just give them double the money they’d spent on their ticket."
TJ: "Can you imagine what we’d buy if we had all that money? People think cos we’re Jacksons we’re rich but it’s not true."

You’re told you can play Wembley but only if you strip off for Playboy. Do you do it?
Taryll: "No, I wouldn’t be tempted at all. I would never pose nude even if you offered me $3 million. Can you imagine everyone seeing everything?"
TJ: "Uh-uh. Noooo way! I’d feel awful. I’d hate to see my body splashed over the pages of a mag. I’d never do it just for the money."
Taj: "Not at all. I haven’t got a good enough body."

Jarvis Cocker asks if he can be your support act on the tour, do you accept?
Taryll: "I’d say yes so we can get him on stage and then moon at him like he did to Michael on stage…"
TJ: "No, we could do worse."
Taj: "We could get him on stage and then beat him up so he couldn’t walk away. He’d be in too much pain."

You’re photographed in a steamy clinch with Pamela Anderson. Do you own up to your girlfriend before the pictures appear in the papers?
Taj: "No, but when I was found out I’d say it was a showbiz kiss while I had to do for the cameras. I’d say I was paid to do it."
Taryll: "There’s no point in owning up cos you could pass the blame. I’d say they’d put a photo of my head on someone else’s body and I wasn’t even there."
TJ: "I’d say I had to do it. I love Pamela. If my girlfriend had kissed someone she idolised, I wouldn’t mind at all. Mind you, if she kissed a regular guy I would kill her."

You’ve got a long-term girlfriend but a gorgeous fan hands you her phone number as you’re leaving a gig. Do you phone her?
TJ: "It depends. It would be tempting but probably not."
Taryll: "It wouldn’t be worth it cos I’d probably end up in one of those situations where I have two girls at once and that’s not good. It always ends in tears."
Taj: "No way. I wouldn’t do it. But that’s cos I’m very faithful. The other two aren’t, haha."

Your manager asks you to wear see-through trousers on stage. Do you say

Taryll: "No way, unless I liked them or I thought they made me look good. But if it was just cos he thought we’d get some publicity, I’d say no."
Taj "Ugh, no way. It’s not us is it?"
TJ: "I hate it when pop stars sing with hardly any clothes on. It looks really weird."

You hear the juiciest piece of gossip about a rival band. Do you tell anyone?
Taj: "I’d tell Taryll and TJ, but I wouldn’t tell anyone else. These things have a way of coming back to you. We hear things all the time about other groups – some of them are soo funny."
Taryll: "We’re careful about what we say. We’ve said innocent things about our Uncle Michael and they’ve haunted us forever."
TJ: "I think we’d tell each other and have a laugh about it but that would be as far as it would go…I think."

One of your brothers has his flies open on stage, and the audience can see his pants. Would you tell him?
TJ: "If the audience hadn’t noticed, I wouldn’t, but if everyone was laughing I would tell him."
Taryll: "I’d let the girls see his underwear and I’d laugh along too. I’d take a secret picture so I could show everyone afterwards."
Taj: "I’d tell him and then tease him about it."

You’re on a strict tour diet. A fan sends you your fave cake as a pressie – do you scoff it in secret?

Taryll: "I’m on a diet right now but TJ keeps dragging me into McDonald’s and Burger King!"
TJ: "I’d wolf it down. I can’t live without cakes."
Taj: "You’d better believe I’d eat it. I love cream cakes."



BiG!, march 1997

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