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"Britain feels like home to us!" - Taj
Could 3T be staying in the UK for good? Let's hope so!

Have you ever been excited about this trip to Britain, Taj?
Oh yeah, it's by far the biggest tour we've ever done and we played Wembley Arena which was amazing. We had heard that playing there is a real statement - it shows you've really made it. It was such a great feeling performing - it feels like home to us.

When did you first come to Britain?
I was actually only 12 when I first visted the UK - I came with my cousin during the school holidays and it was a real adventure, because it was the first time I'd ever been away from home, kinda on my own. I had an incredible time - I always wanted to come back, but I never thought it would be 11 years later with 3T!

So what did you get up on that first visit?
Well, I remember I went to see a play about The Beatles and I went to see the musical Les Miserables, and I also went to see a play called The Mousetrap - I was into acting at the time, as you may guess! I went to a park, but I don't remember which one, and I also went to some historical place that had some armour stuff, but I don't know where that was either! I was a little too young to remember it all!

So what do you think of British food?
Erm, we're not too adventurous when it comes to stuff like that - we kinda stick to stuff we know! Like, y'know you guys have biscuits for Breakfast? (Erm, not really, but never mind!) Well, we don't have that - we just go with our regular American cereal! We go to places like Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. That helps remind us of home.

Do you watch much British TV when you're here?
Oh yeah, we love it - we think it's funny! It's really different from American TV, and the children's shows caught my eye, especially with all your puppets! Zig and Zag are great! Maybe thats what I'll do back in the States - I'll help launch The Big Breakfast in America!

There's been loads of talk in the papers over about your Uncle Michael buying a castle in Scotland - do you know anthing about that?
Well, I know he loves castles and I also know he's been looking at a few places in Scotland, but I don't know whether he's actually gonna move there at the moment. There's definitely a chance he'll do it, though, and I think if he buys a castle in Scotland he won't just use it for holidays and stuff - I think he would move there to live!

So what do you think of our Queens of pop, the Spice Girls?!
I'm really happy for them, especially now they're done so well in America. MTV and the radio stations got behind Wannnabe so it always gonna be a hit there. I know everyone has to have a favourite Spice Girl, so I think I'll say... Emma! I've met them and she seems really sweet.



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