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"My phone bill used to be so bad" - TJ
He's been away from the States for ages - is lil' TJ getting homesick?

Do you get a bit homesick?
Taj does, Taj first, then Taryll, then I'm close behind him, but I think Taj is way in front of us. He misses loads of things like his dog an all his friends.

How do you cheer each other up when you've got the homesick blues?
We don't really talk about it with each other, but what we tend to do is reminisce about the good times at home. But for this tour we're going to bring some friends out to join us on the road, so it's going to be like one big party! It's going be a whole lot of fun.

How often to do call home?
I call my friends al least every day or two. My phone bill used to be really bad, but now I've got a specail deal so I just rack 'em up on that. I also get my friends to call on my special line so they don't have to pay.

Do you write letters home?
I used to, but I'm not very good at letter writing. When we first started out I'd send postcards from every country we went to, but I don't do it as much anymore - it's easier to pick up the phone, isn't it?!

How do you celebrate your birthdays when you're away?
Actually, we're never been away for them. All our birthdays are closr together - mine's July 16, Taj's is August 4 and Taryll is August 8, so every year we all go to NeverLand, my Uncle's ranch, to celebrate together. It's great - we have a huge party full of friends and family and we hang out and watch movies and, of course, go on all the rides. It's real important to us and I don't think we'll ever miss it!

When do you think it is the worst time for felling homesick?
It's when we get to a new place and I have to unpack. The packing is just as bad as well - it makes me wanna just lay down on my bed sometimes.

What do you take with you from home to make you feel better?
I take loads of family baby photos and also happy cartoons which I stick all over my hotel walls if we're staying anywhere for more than a day - I try to make my room as homely as possible.

Where do you feel most at home outside America?
Definiyely the UK. We speak the same language, the people are great and it's not too far from home. The food's pretty similar and I really like the rain. Don't ask me why - maybe because we don't get much in LA.

And what's the first thing you do you do when you get home?
I put my bags down, take a shower, lay on my bed, talk to my friends on the phone, they go out and see everyone!



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