Stranded With 3T



We were flooded with entries for our competition to interview 3T. The winner was Becky Smith who wanted to shipwreck the boys on a desert island and then ask them loads of questions? So would they sink or swim? Over to you Becky I = Interviewer (Becky Smith), T1 = Taj, T2 = Taryll, and T3 = TJ...

I: You're on a world cruise when your ship hits an iceberg and starts to sink. What one possession would you grab before abandoning ship?

T2: I'd take a life jacket. I'd like to survive

T1: I'd need a life jacket to, so I could float. I don't think I'd be a strong enough swimmer.

T3: I'd take a waterproof CD player.

T2: Oh, you wouldn't. How would you hear it? With your waterproof headphones?!

T1: Well if TJ can take a waterproof CD player, I'd like to take a waterproof video camera to film the whole thing.

T2: (slightly exasperated) Doh! Doh! Doh!

I: Once on the island, who's likely to take charge and who would build the best shelter?

T3: Taj would take charge but he wouldn't build the best shelter.

T1: Huh! I read books so I know all about building huts and things.

T2: No way. Taj's shelter would have holes in it. Actually, I think I would take charge. I'd be best at telling the others what to do.

I: You only have the clothes you're shipwrecked in. Would you make new clothes or bare all?

T3: As long as we were alone on the island, I'd adapt and forget about clothes. Actually, I'd probably just wear a little thong thing to cover me up.

T2: Whoah! Did you notice he just said a "little" thing (bursts into fits of giggles with Taj)

T3: (A touch put out) That's not funny, man.

T2: I'd be fine with no clothes.

T1: I'd definitely have to make clothes to wear. I'm too shy to wear nothing - even in front of my brothers.

I: Would you let your hair grow, beard and all?

T3: I'd grow a beard just to see what it would look like.

T1: I'd probably still try and shave, using a sharp rock or something.

T2: I'd let it grow. I'd have fun with my hair and try to make the others laugh.

I: You decide to send a message in a bottle. What would you write?

T1: If it was someone I knew, I'd send directions to where we were. If not I'd write the story of our experiences and hope it would be turned into a film.

T2: I'd send a request for food and candy. That way we'd keep happy.

T3: I'd also send out an order for peanut M&Ms, they're tops, man. Plus a note to our friends to come and join us. If my friends were there too, I'd be quite happy living on the island for quite a long time.

I: Your CD player is washed up. What CD would you like to be inside?

T3: My Uncle Michael is my mentor, so a copy of HIStory

T1: I'd want a CD of soothing classical music to help us keep calm.

T2: Well if the other two aren't having our CD, Brotherhood, then I will. That way we could keep practicing. At least we would have loads of time to work on our dance routines!

I: A passing ship spots you and you're rescued! What's the first thing you do when you arrive on dry land?

T1: Have a shower. I wouldn't unpack till the next day.

T3: I'd immediately ring my dad and my friends.

T2: No. what we'd have to do is call a big press conference. Before we do anything else we'd have a photo shoot and tell our story.

I: A film director wants to make a movie about your experiences. Who would play you?

T2: I'd like Taj to direct and us to play ourselves.

T3: Actually I'd pick Will Smith.

T1: I'd want Arnold to play me.

I: Arnold who?

T1: Arnold Schwarzenegger of course. You see I'd like a bit of humour to my part!




2004-2011 "3T's Detour"