Talkin' With 3T's Taj!



Taj knows the way to a girl's heart - bake her heart-shaped cookies!

The Jackson babe tackles the tough love questions!

Think adorable, 22-year-old Taj Jackson knows a thing or two about love? Just give a listen to some of the romantic tunes he croons with brothers Taryll and TJ on 3T's monster hit CD Brotherhood--like their latest smash single "Tease Me." Taj is one guy who really knows how to melt hearts. 16 asked Taj some serious and silly "Q's" about life and love -

What's the nicest thing someone could say about you?

Taj: That I'm romantic and sweet and very friendly - that would be the best compliment.

Are you romantic?

Taj: I think so. If I met the right person I think I would be very romantic

What would you consider a romantic date?

Taj: I would take someone to dinner at a really nice restaurant and make sure there were candles on the table.

Would you ever cook to impress a date?

Taj: Sure. I would make pasta with tomato sauce adn heart-shaped cookies.

What qualities most attract you to a girl?

Taj: I like someone who can be herself. I don't want anybody pretending to be something she's not around me. And someone who's fun and loving.

Do you have a girlfriend right now?

Taj: No. With all the traveling my brothers and I do, there's just not enough time for a seriuos relationship.

Are you a flirt?

Taj: No, I don't think so. If anything, I always get flirted with by girls!

What's the most romantic song you've ever heard?

Taj: I can't think of one, but I like classic oldie songs the best. I love teh Beatles, so maybe I'd pick one of their songs like "Here, There And Everywhere."

Do fans ever give you presents when you're traveling across the country?

Taj: Our fans are some of the most generous, warm people in the world. Everytime we perform, fans line up and give us flowers, stuffed animals, even baseball caps - because they know my brothers and I love baseball so much.

Do you still get nervous before going on stage to perform?

Taj: Yes and No. Usually, right before we go on, I fell a little nervous -especially in my stomach - but then, we start to sing and I stop feeling nervous. I concentrate on being the best I can be for the audience.

Is there anything you're insecure about?

Taj: I guess I'd have to say my looks. That's why I always wear my braids - they cover up my face!



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