3 Questions to 3 Hotshots


For over six years it was quiet around 3T (Taj, Taryll and TJ). But Michael Jackson's nephews were still occupied with several things. Beside school they've been busy with a lawsuit against their stepfather. He is convicted of murdering the mother of the three T's. A hard period of time, so it's time for some cheerful questions!
What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done?
Taryll: "The fans sometimes follow us everywhere. They often try to get as close to the car as possible, even when we're on the road. This causes risky situations sometimes. Fortunately nothing serious has happened so far."
TJ: "In England there was a girl who climbed eight floors on a building. From that spot she had a good view at us!"
Taryll: "A couple of girls broke into my room once. They were hiding in the closet. I thought that was a weird idea. They could have looked around into my suitcases, into my personal belongings."
Taj: "Sometimes they throw bra's and panties on stage, but in fact that has become normal to us."
Taryll: "I got my first bra at Pepsi Pop in Holland, a huge one!
Where do you spend money on?
Taryll: "I buy a lot of computer- and videogames, I love that. And a lot of CD's and DVD's. I also spend a lot of money on going out or going to the movies."
Taj: "I think we spend our money on things like 'normal' guys also do. If you make a lot of money, most of the time it's difficult to be sensible with it, but we're trying.
TJ: "I try to invest a part of my money. I do that by buying land."
What's the most romantic you have ever done for a girl?
Taryll: " I once wrote a song for a girl and sang it on the beach while the sun was setting.
TJ: "A dinner by candlelight."
Taj: "I regularly try to do something nice for my girlfriend. Not just once something very romantic on Valentine's Day or her birthday."
Yes, June 2004

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