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3T chooses
The boys of 3T (that's right, the nephews of Michael and Janet Jackson) are very booming. In between tv-recordings, concerts and interviews they made some time for Tina. We gave them 3 "T-words", and the boys picked their favourites.
Tacos, Tosti, Tagliatelle
TJ: "Tacos. If it had pizza, I would have chosen that one. Oh well, that doesn't start with a T, does it?"
Taryll: "Me too. Tagliatelle is okay as well, but that's 'heavy' on the stomach."
Taj: "Tacos, nice! We grew up with that. Our mother is from Spain and she used to make this Mexican dish quite often for us."
TJ: "Mmm, I suddenly have a big appetite for tacos!"
Titanic, Terminator, The Lord of the Rings
Taryll: "Titanic is the only movie that ever got me on the edge of my seat for three hours. So I'll choose that one."
Taj: "I also pick Titanic. It's a classic, with all ingredients a good movie needs: romance, excitement and a good story, which is also based on the truth."
TJ: "A bit boring, but I also go for Titanic. The Lord of The Rings was great too, but I like Titanic just a little better."
TiŽsto, T.A.T.U., The Black Eyed Peas
TJ: "The Black Eyed Peas are cool. They are different than others, there is no band in the world to compare them to, and that's what I like."
Taryll: "TiŽsto? We don't know him in the United States. I choose The Black Eyed Peas."
Taj: "I don't like T.A.T.U., so I choose the same as you guys again: The Black Eyed Peas."
That 70's Show, The Osbournes, Twenty-four (24)
Taj: "24. That's a great show. That 70's Show and The Osbournes are okay too, but very different because they are comedies. I've seen the first two series of 24, the DVD of the third one is still waiting for me."
Taryll: "24 exists of 24 episodes, together they make on day. The show starts at midnight, and I also started watching the DVD at midnight. That was really cool, because when the sun began to rise in the series, it also got light outside my home. I prefer to watch the show on DVD. Because I can't wait seven days till the next episode. It's too exciting!"
TJ: "Even though I never saw 24, I'm gonna choose it anyway, because my brothers are so enthusiastic about it."
Tennis, Table tennis, Triathlon
TJ: "Actually I'm a table tennis freak. Once I spend an entire month playing table tennis with a friend. I was better than he was, and I came up with all sorts of ways to distract him, so I could win."
Taryll: "Are you serious?! I didn't know you were that bad!"
Taj: "I like tennis. I try to be a little active, so I take lessons sometimes. On television I find tennis pretty boring. I rather watch the summaries, they are nice and short."
Taryll: "After seeing the movie Forrest Gump I started playing table tennis. I wanted to be as good as the actor in that movie, but I didn't succeed yet."
Tifanny-Amber Thiessen, Tara Reid, Tyra Banks
Taj: "Eh, I don't like one of them."
Taryll: "They seem pretty arrogant."
TJ: "I can't choose either. I'd go for Halle Berry, she is so beautiful. If she'd walk in right now, I'd be very happy, haha!"
Watching TV, gardening, working out
Taryll: "Working out! Sweating a bit is okay. And uh... gardening? Maybe it's relaxing to a lot of people, but it's no fun for me."
TJ: I also go for working out, for example baseball, soccer or basketbal. The more I train, the bigger the chance I'm really gonna win, and that's what I like!"
Taj: "Well, I choose watching TV. Relaxing on the sofa, wonderful.
Touriya Haoud, Tooske, Tanja Jess
(The boys are shown 3 photos of these Dutch TV-girls.)
Taryll, TJ and Taj (all together): "Touriya Haoud! She is good-looking! What does she do?"
Thailand, Turkey, Texas
TJ: "Texas, yeehaa! Everyone thinks there are all cowboys, but that's just a prejudice. It's very beautiful there, with lots of space. I used to live in Dallas (capital of the state Texas) for a couple of years, and that city is very cool."
Taryll: "I've been to Thailand, I've been in Turkey, but still I choose Texas."
Taj: "Me too, and I'm not saying that because I'm an American. It's way cool there."
Sweater, T-shirt, Training outfit
TJ: "I choose a T-shirt, and shorts with it."
Taj: I'll go for a training outfit."
Taryll: "Haha, a training outfit! You never work out!"
Taj: "So what! It's comfortable and I just like that!"
Fact Files
Name: TJ Jackson
Date of birth: July 16 1978
Sign: cancer
Nickname: Meho
Best quality: he is very nice ("I really care about people.")
Worst quality: "I'm very messy."
Favourite music: R&B-classics
Favourite food: French Fries
Favourite sports: baseball and basketball
Favourite school subject: math
Hobbies: playing videogames, going to the movies, sports
Pet: his dog Yabo
Is insecure about: his body
Girlfriend: "Nothing serious right now. Unfortunately it's difficult when you travel so much."
TJ's flirting tip: "Be yourself, and always try to keep self-confidence."
Perfect girl: "She has to be sweet, happy and supportive."
Craziest thing ever done: "On New Year's Day I jumped off the second floor of Taryll's house on a couch. Kinda odd, but cool though."
Name: Tariona Adaryll Jackson II
Date of birth: August 4 1973
Sign: Leo
Nickname: Taj
Best quality: he's always nice for everything and everyone.
Worst quality: sometimes a little too nice. "People often use me because i'm that nice."
Favourite music: at the moment I'm really into the 70's, so I listen to disco, Motown and rock-classics
Favourite drink: mocha-milkshake
Favourtie sports: baseball
Favourite school subject: math
Hobbies: playing videogames, going to the movies, sports
Pet: his dog Rascal
Is insecure about: his looks and weight
Girlfriend: "No comment ;)"
Taj's flirting tip: "Just be nice and friendly. Guys are pleased easily then."
Perfect girl: "As long as she's sweet and cute."
Best way to heal a broken heart: "Going out with my friends."
Name: Taryll Jackson
Date of birth: August 8 1975
Sign: Leo
Nickname: T-Jac, Tarkack, Tar
Best qualitiy: he's generous
Worst quality: he works too often, too much and too hard ("I should be enjoying life a little more...")
Favourite music: music of all Jacksons, Motown, Paul Simon, The Beatles, The Beegees
Favourite food: candy, junkfood, french fries
Favourtie sports: baseball and basketball
Favourite school subject: math
Hobbies: playing videogames, travelling, reading
Pet: "My brothers Taj and TJ!"
Girlfriend: No, not at the moment
First date: "I was 14, and we went to the movies."
Perfect girl: She has to be loyal, funny, honest, and, just like me, generous."
Best way to heal a broken heart: "Remember: time heals all wounds."
Tina, May 2004

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