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Taryll, Taj and TJ have been stuck together their whole lifes. But how well do they know each other? BO! asked 3T some hard questions and got some shocking answers in return. Don't think the brothers try to spare one another!
What's under Taj's bed?
Taryll: "A lot of mess."
TJ: "I think there are dirty socks, some lost airplane tickets, Playboys and of course a couple of porn tapes, haha!"
Taryll: "Yeah, definitely! That guy just puts everything under his bed. Taj is the messiest person I know."
Taj: I WAS. You just haven't experienced the new, neat and organised Taj yet. And I don't keep Playboys and porn tapes under my bed, I have a much better place for that.
What makes Taj moody?
Taryll: "A Lack of sleep and when he did not eat. That makes Taj a little grumpy, haha!"
TJ: "He is in a bad mood when he is homesick. Then you better stay away from him."
Taj: It's not that bad, is it?
When is the last time Taj kissed a girl?
Taryll: "Four years ago. No, just kidding."
TJ: "I think he kissed a girl about a month ago. He didn't call me about it though. He never tells anything about is love life."
Taj: "That's right, about a month ago. If she's my girlfriend? Not yet, but who knows what could happen..."
Where does Taj spend most of his money on?
TJ: "Computers, DVD's, books and magazines. In that order."
Taryll: "I think he buys a new computer every year. His house is filled with it!"
Taj: "I don't keep them all, most of it I give to charity."
How do you know Taj is in love?
TJ: "That's a hard one. Taj doen't show his feelings easily. But I think he smiles more when he's in love."
Taryll: "And he behaves hisself like a puppy. If he knows his girlfriend is coming over, he suddenly gets very active."
Taj: "Is that right? I never noticed myself. What TJ said is right, I don't really show it. But I do feel very well when I'm in love. Probably because I feel more self-confident."
Who was Taryll's first girlfriend?
TJ: "Her name was Denise."
Taj: "I think he was about 13 years old. That was kinda young, but it was serious right away."
TJ: "For a first love it lasted pretty long as well: about two years or something."
Taj: "I just can't remember why it ended. He never told us."
Taryll: "Good answers! And why we broke up? I'm not gonna tell. Some things I don't even tell my brothers."
What's the first thing Taryll does when he gets out of bed?
TJ: "I think he's gonna sit at his computer to check his e-mail. After that he's gonna have breakfast, brush his teeth and take a shower."
Taj: "No man, the first thing he does in the morning is going to the gym."
Taryll: "No way! I take a look at my alarm clock and then decide what I'm gonna do. I either go to the studio to work on my music or I go to the gym. I check my e-mail much later."
What is Taryll insecure about?
Taj: "His hair."
TJ: "Yes, that's what I was gonna say too! He never likes the way it looks and that's why he takes a look in every mirror to see if there's anything he can change about it."
Taj: "TJ and I have lots of curls and he doesn't have. He can't stand that!"
Taryll: "That's right, I have my mother's hair. And that's not nice, because it's hard to get it in shape. I don't have control over it!"
Taryll never leaves his house without...
TJ: "Phone and wallet."
Taj: "I'm more thinking of a comb and hairgel. Then he'll always be able to do his hair everywhere, haha!"
Taryll: "My haircomplex isn't that bad. TJ is right though. I take my wallet and phone with me everywhere I go."
Who is Taryll secretly in love with?
TJ: "Jessica Alba!"
Taj: "He doesn't only watch her movies, he also buys every magazine that has a picture of her. Very pathetic."
Taryll: "I don't care you think it's pathetic! I just like Jessica Alba. Well, unfortunately I never met her..."
What does TJ wear in bed?
Taj: "A short and T-shirt. I've never seen it, but that's what we used to wear."
Taryll: "I'm having doubts between shorts and briefs..."
TJ: "It's a short. And I also wear a shirt."
How many girlfriends did TJ have?
Taj: "A lot! No, let me count..."
Taryll: "I'd say five. I can name four, but there's probably one we don't know about..."
Taj: "Yeah, there must be!"
TJ: "Hm, they're right. I've had four serious relationships and dated another girl for a while. My brothers don't know her, because I never called her my girlfriend. It wasn't serious enough.
What is TJ scared of?
Taryll: "Spiders!"
Taj: "Is that true? That's really pathetic!"
Taryll: "But TJ is just a baby."
TJ: "No way! Okay, I don't really like spiders, but I'm not terrified of it. I think snakes and rats are way scarier. A spider usually stays at one place, while rats are running around very fast. Then I panic."
What do you have to do to annoy TJ?
Taryll: "He can't take big crowds. If it's crowded somewhere, he always pulls back."
Taj: "Do you know how you really can get to him? Fight with him and then don't listen to what he's got to say. That really drives him mad."
Taryll: "Haha, let's take a test on it and continue to the next question!"
TJ: "No, don't! You guys are totally right. I can't stand it when I can't have my say. I think that's not fair."
Which question will TJ never answer?
Taryll: "A question about uncle Michael, but that goes for all of us."
Taj: "Other than that TJ answers to everything. Even to questions about sex, haha!"
TJ: "Now I do, yes. When we were here six years ago I couldn't talk about it, but now I can. I got used to the fact Dutch people like to talk about sex, haha!"
Break Out!, May 19 2004

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