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Identity, the second album of the 3T, is finally out after years of waiting! This opus recalls us which point Taj, Taryll & Tj carry in them the heritage of an artistic line out of the commun run. This music run in their veins since always, and that gets along! Private conversation...


SC :  Young people, did you think of becoming singers ?

Taj : Not really, we were in the base ball. Then while growing, it became a pastime, and we preferred to invest us more in our passion: music

Tj : Me, I wanted to become athlete or player of baseball.


SC : And which were your idols ?

3T : Jackson family, Bee Gees, Beatles, Marvin Gaye ...


SC : How would you describe yourselves the ones the others ?

Tj :  Taryll worries too much, it should more appreciate the life and be less caught the head. On the other hand it is very given and strong. (Taryll clamp while smiling: I am the champion [his nickname].) As for Taj his defect is never not to leave; it does not move, it is a statue !

Taryll : Tj is very active unlike Taj, it is never home ! Also, he sleeps enormously and eats too bad !  He goes everyday to Mcdo... his nice sin: french fries.

Tj : It is true but I decided to eat more healthily as of the next year.


SC : How do you think in ten years ?

Taryll : I hope that I will have founded a family and that I keeped on making music and concerts

Tj :  I think that I will be always in the music, that I will have children, because I do not want to be "an old" father... I want to be able to play games with my small children. Also, I see myself well working in the real estate... 


SC : Which is your biggest fear ?

Taj :Stay alone the rest of my life, without a woman with whom to share my life!

Taryll : I do not love snakes, and sometimes large dogs. Some frighten me!

Tj :  I am not afraid of the things of the life such as death, but to make me prick by a spider would not enchant me at all...


SC : Do you have animals ?

Taj : Yes, a dog named Rascal.

Tj : Me, I had two dogs, Yabo and Sweepy, but the latter died of a tumour. There remains to me nothing any more but his sister

Taryll : I do not have animals, right Tj and Taj. (laugh)


SC :  Which are the three things you would carry on a deserted island ?

Tj : A guitar, a computer and food. I would not survive by eating plants all the day!

Taryll : A guitar, a reader of CD and a boat, as that I could leave the island as soon as I want of it..


SC :  Can you keep a secret ?

3T : Yes, we are all the three of true tombs


SC : Which is your preferred city, and why ?

Taryll : I adore Paris for his lights, his small districts, the Seine...

Tj : Paris, because it is a beautiful city, very romantic and, moreover, architecture is splendid.  I am certain that I will end up residing one of these days at it..


SC :  Were you popular with young ladies at school ?

Taryll :Yes! (Smile)

Tj : I think that the girls started with me to find attracting when they realized that I was hyper timid and, at the end of the college, I often travelled to give concerts or to make promotion in Europe. So, I never had serious relation at that time...


SC :  Which is the first thing you look at a woman ?

3T : The eyes, not for their beauty, but because one can see there, the heart of the person whom one has opposite oneself.


SC :  By which kind of girls you aren't attracted at all ?

3T : We have horror of the arrogant girls, materialists and who think only of the money!


SC : Did you already mislead one of your girlfriends ?

Taryll & Tj : Without comments!

Taj : Not, never !


SC :  Which memory do you keep your first kiss ?

Taj : In fact, I found that that had badly occurred because I was very nervous, it was odd...

Taryll : I did not like...

Tj : For my part, it was super!


SC : Do you say easily: "I love you" ?

Taj :  I had only four girl friends and my shortest relation lasted one year! And, in fact, I acknowledge my feelings only when I feel that the person will not delay with me to speak about it...

Taryll : Yes, when I think it!

Tj : Yes, when I am with somebody whom I really like.


SC : What wouldn't you make, even by love ?

3T : To hit somebody, steal, not to be ourselves...


SC :  Is this difficult to maintain a relationship in love with your trade?

Taryll : When I am in love, I devote all my time to my dulcinée, but today, I think that it is important for me to give it to my brothers and to our music. Thus in this moment, it is difficult...

Tj : Yes, it is hard ! One calls oneself more than one does not see oneself finally...




Interview B. Kokkinos

Star Club magazine 2004


(Thank you Vanessa for sending the interview and translation)



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