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Definitely Taryll, Taj and Tj adore France! After having crossed them at the French concert of Shania Twain and at World Best, the 3 nephews of MJ gave us go in a Parisian hotel to answer at famous Bad Boys interview of Super. A confession to be enjoyed by listening to their brand new single "Sex Appeal". Off we go !


SP : Did you miss class when you were teens ?

Taj : We were in a very small school with few pupils. It was difficult not to be made locate. If one missed, teachers called our parents immediately!

Tj : When I had my driving licence, I left earlier while pretexting an appointment in the doctor, and I went to the cinema !


SP : In class, did you settle rather in the back or the forefront ?

Taj and Tj : At the bottom.

Taryll : It depended on the professor. There are some who forced us to sit in front! I hated that because you had to be attentive.

Tj : I often sit at the bottom to make my duties for the following . After the school, there was not time because we went to studio to make music.


SP : Did you already mislead one of your girlfriends ?

Taj : Never

Tj : I do not remember... Perhaps my first girlfriend.

Taryll : No comment ...


SP : Do you find difficult to break with a girl ?

Taryll :It depends of the reason of the rupture.

Taj : When you are with someone since a long time, it is always difficult. But if you feel the rupture is the best solution, then you should not hesitate, even if it is hard.

Tj : When you love someone, you are always afraid to hurt her. It is for that it is hard.


SP : Which is your thing to pick up the girls ?

Tj : I am writing  a book on the subject! You have to be yourself  and  visual contact is very important.

Taj : By staying myself. As I am shy, it takes more time to me than the others, but I end up arriving there!


SP : Did you already fight when you were teens ?

Tj : Yes, but nothing serious. There were no bad boys at school.


SP : Which was your big lie ?

Tj : When I was six, I broke a window square with a ball, and I let my cousin accuse himself. But my father told me, he was going to take me along to the police force to submit me to the dectector lies. I was so afraid that I acknowledged.


SP : Did you already steal in a store ?

Taryll : A small package of chewing-gum that my cousin had said to me to put in my pocket. I was five and I made it to impress it.

Taj : Once, they accused me to have stolen a thing in a store of sport, I was excavated whereas I had not done anything. That shocked me!


SP : Are you kind to drive cars flashy ?

Taj : I like the mini Cooper. I ordered one of them.

Taryll : I really like big Mercedes, as one which had my grandparents when we were small. Today, I have one !


SP : Are you revellers ?

Tj : We like to spend time with our friends, but not for getting drunk.

Taryll : We organize tournaments of video games or billiards, or evenings TV.

Taj : In night club, we cannot speak, the music is so much strong. I do not like that.


SP : Who do you regard as super bad boy ?

Taj : Colin Farrell, he makes heaps of illegal things and he never get arrested. He is too strong.

Taryll : Denis Rodman, the basketball player, he is too cool.


SP : And as super bad girl ?

3T : Courtney Love. She is totally insane.


SP : Do you have sometimes enough of your image of nice guys ?

Taryll : Only when people try to take advantage from us because they confuse kindness and silly thing.


SP : What thought the 3T about the incident of Superbow ? (when Justin Timberlake revealed the breast of Aunt Janet)

Taj : The people who gave us the information told us which point they found America puritan.Honestly, it was ridiculous. If she did that, it was because that formed part of the spectacle. But the press packs for nothing as soon as it acts of Jackson.





Super Plus magazine 2004


(Thanks Vanessa for the translation)



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