3T strollin' Paris



On the way for a Parisian strolls with the 3T....



They had placed the bar very high last summer with their resumption of Stuck on you from Lionel Richie,  but it was nothing compared to the madness started by the exit of their new single Sex Appeal, extracted from their album Identity. That it is said, 3T are back, for our greater pleasure, and for theirs also... In love since always with our country France, they prove it to you while getting fun, even by bad weather, in the streets of our capital ! 



Hi guys ! Well... for the super sunny strolls, it seems to me compromised !

Tj : That's nothing, we love Paris. And then, it will be you, our sun !


We started to be bored... Where had you thus spent these last months ?

Taryll : We were locked up in a studio of Los Angeles for finally recording our new album, Identity!


It ran out indeed much time from the exit of the first, Brotherhood, in 1996. Why did you wait so much ?

Taryll : Gosh! if you knew how much we wanted to come back ! The fact is that we had many problems with Sony! They really acted badly towards us...

Taj : It was super frustrating, because we could not leave songs any more, and the fans did not understand why. That did much sorrow to us, because we never wanted to disappoint them... We, in spite of, kept the contact with them thanks to Internet.

Tj : In parallel, we also continued to work our music. We readed a lot, learned, wrote, composed...


Which does the Identity title come from ?

Taj : We put all our energy, our heart in this opus. It was entirely written and composed, and produces ourselves, except the title Stuck one you ! It is our true musical identity!


The album is out since March 23th, in which state of mind are you ?

Taryll : Super excited, we can say it ! Sincerely, we are hyper proud it ! We also feel free, we turn the page on the mishaps which we knew with Sony to begin a new chapter! (Smile)


A few months ago, you signed your great return with the recovery of Lionel Richie, Stuck on you. Who had the idea at the time ?

Tj : Three of us. It is a title which we loved to sing since years. And to be honest, we are big Lionel Richie fans! This song is our way of paying homage to him


Did you already meet him ?

Tj : yes his children went to the same school of Los Angeles as us.


Today, you offer a super song to us, Sex Appeal. I heard that the video was turned in France. Is that exact ?

Taryll : Completely. We turned it on a barge in Suresnes, close to Paris, last February. It was great...

Taj : We are very attached to France. It is an extraordinary country people are adorable, the reception which is reserved to us is each time very cordial ! We feel like home here. (Smile)


What do you like here ?

Tj : Architecture is sublime... The Eiffel tower impresses me ! I would like to go up at the top for the panorama.

Taryll : We saw it scintillating the night, it was really spectacular. In any event, all is splendid in Paris. The simplest of strolls is magic !


What do you think of our famous gastronomy?

Taryll : We love the crescents and crepes. We take of them every morning at breakfast !

Tj : The truth, it is that we are rather distant when it is about testing new dishes, we do not take many risks! The thighs of frogs, for example, it is frankly not for us.

Taj : We are ashamed to say it, but we love fast foods. We are very junky food. On the other hand, the macaroons you offered to us a few moments ago were really delicious.


Paris is also famous to be the capital of the mode. Did you make heat your bank cards ?

Taj : We like to make shopping here. We buy a lot not only stores of clothes, but also those which sell articles of sport, CD, books, plays videos...


Do you have dressmakers fetishes ?

Tj : I like the line basketball player Tony Parker launched. He is French besides. I looked for everywhere, a sweat of his collection, but I did not find it.

Taryll : I appreciate also the marks Gucci and Armani.


And small Frenchwomen in all that?

Taj : They are discrete and seem much more zen than the girls of Los Angeles.

Tj : They are astonishing! They have much pace, and class... They are very beautiful





                      3T would love to go to Africa

                      They love flying with their Xbox to to occupy the long evenings which they pass to the hotel.

                      Their single Stuck one You was sold 200 000 specimens in France.




By Katia from Salut magazine 2004


(Thanks to Vanessa for translating this interview)


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