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Why can't most boys dance?

Taryll: "Maybe they try a little too hard. A lot of the time, it looks like they're moving as if they've been told how to, rather than how they really want to. We relax and really get inot the music, and it seems to come naturally."

Why do boys play air guitar?

Taryll: "I guess they get into the music, and they want to express themselves. I do it sometimes to songs with good guitar riffs like Weak by Skunk Anansie."

Why aren't boys scared of spiders?

TJ: "I am! If I see one, I can't go near it - I get Taryll to pick it up."

Taryll: "I have to pick them up, or the others will kill it - and I hate it when people kill animals. I catch them and let them go outside."

TJ: "I think girls like it when they see that we aren't afraid to admit things like that. It makes our songs better too - 'cause we genuinely feel the emotions."

Why are boys obsessed with designer labels?

TJ: "It's a friend thing - a lot of guys will tease each other if they don't wear the right labels. We tend to wear whatever feels comfortable - we even wear pajama pants on stage from K-Mart (cheap American store)! We're rebelling against the whole thing that you have to wear designer clothes. "

Why do boys love Baywatch?

Taryll: "Without a doubt, that's because of the girls. They're lying if they say they watch it for the acting! I'm not a big fan myself."

Why do boys always wear trainers?

Taryll: "They like to be comfortable, and they always want to be ready for a good game of basketball! We only wear shoes on very rare occasions, like graduations."

Why do you always wear a rucksack (backpack) on stage?

Taj: "One day I had one of in rehearsal, and my uncle Michael told me to keep it on, because it looked cool. On stage I once made the mistake of having some pens in it, and they leaked everywhere."

Why did you decided to record a single with your uncle Michael?

TJ: "Because it was a dream come true. I think if he asked anybody the answer would be yes!"

Taj: "He taught us from day one about music, he's been our mentor. He taught us to listen to other people's opinions. As litttle kids we'd buy records he recommended."




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