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The victim: Taryll

Taj: Taryll is the best songwriter. He'll stay at home while TJ and I go out to the movies or somewhere. He wants to be a great songwriter and a producer.

TJ: He's also a very good pitcher in baseball - he could play professionally. I'd say those two things, pitching and songwriting, make him special.

Taj: It's easy to tick him off. He's also very passionate about our career. Well, we all are, but he doesn't know when to stop. He's impatient, too. He's just a very emotional person. He gets upset a lot more and easier than us. I'm the one that gets least upset about music, so if Taryll's upset, he usually lets me talk.

TJ: No, I'm sorry, that's not the truth...

Taj: It is the truth. I'll talk because, if he's upset, we don't want him to get mad at people we need to support us. Not that he'll say something bad. He just doesn't know how to deliver it. He'll say something nice, but it'll come out sounding mean.

TJ: But he would never intentionally hurt anybody.

Taj: He's very silly, though. He likes to play jokes on people... we all do. We tease each other a lot, too. Taryll can dish but he can't take, hahaha. And he plays his music too loud, real early and real late, and my room is next door.

TJ: He doesn't really have any desires except music. When Taryll first started singing, he struggled, but he kept going until he got better.

Taj: Actually, that's one thing that really annoys us - he'll walk around in public, like at school, and sing out loud. But he's just proud because, when he was younger, he was told he couldn't sing.

TJ: I don't know if he's the most handsome... (Pauses.) He's got those eyes, though - girls really like his eyes.

Taj: But we don't compete for girls. We're all pretty much even. We all get our share.

TJ: We don't really fight - we have disagreements about once a week. Taryll is the type of person who's never wrong, no matter what. Even if we beat him in a game, he'll say he beat himself.

Taj: The closest he gets to admitting he's wrong is saying "you might be right", hahaha. Or "You got lucky."

TJ: He's always worrying about his hair, or his weight. He thinks he has to finish everything on his plate, so what he does to stop himself is sprinkle pepper or pour orange juice over it, so that he can't eat anymore.

(Taryll bursts into the room, looking slightly paranoid and points at his brothers.)

Taryll: You can't say I'm slow. They can't say I'm slow, alright?
Taj: We didn`t say that. Now get out! (Taryll leaves.) Actually, he is slow - he's always late for everything!

The victim: TJ

Taryll: TJ just graduated and I'm very proud of him. Actually, I think I got tired of him making excuses about how hard it is getting up early. I know it was hard, but he was being a baby about it.

Taj: He twirls pens between his fingers all the time. It's just a habit. He's not showing off - it's just a bit like a drumstick. When we first started the band, TJ was the drummer.

Taryll: He likes to take showers at the last second. Like when you say "Alright, let's go!" - that's when he gets ready.

Taj: But TJ is very smart.

Taryll: Yeah, he knows where he wants to go. We all do, but that's his field, I guess. It's the business end - what we should be doing, where we shouldn't be heading.

Taj: That's really important, otherwise you could be manipulated, like we were in the beginning. They tried to change us.

Taryll: And they wanted to keep the name, call us The Jackson Three or something.

Taj: Anyway, TJ is Mr Business and he's also the girl magnet, the teen idol. Wherever we go, everyone just shouts "TJ! TJ!" It's funny seeing people screaming for your brother like that.

Taryll: He wants to do modeling, and get into movies. He likes photography.

Taj: TJ likes junk food. He eats badly.

Taryll: It's either McDonald's or Pizza Hut.

Taj: He definitely goes out the most. And he loves debating. If you both have your beliefs, he'll try and make you see his, then he'll question yours.

Taryll: TJ takes very little stuff on tour with him. He usually wears our clothes, so he definitely has the lightest bag.

Taj: And he's the quickest to unpack.

Taryll: I think TJ has only had two girlfriends, both lasting over a year. None of us are quick to fall in love. That's why it's so hard for us now, cause we're all really picky.

(TJ suddenly walks in)

TJ: Oh, sorry, are you not finished yet?

Taj: Yeah, TJ, we're finished now.

The victim: Taj

TJ: Taj spends the most money out of all of us, mostly on computers and video games.

Taryll: He'll spend money that he doesn't have on things he doesn't need and won't use.

TJ: And then he has to sell it, two weeks later. When we were younger, we used to have room sales. We'd pit little price tags on things and have sale items - Buy one, get one free, hahaha.

Taryll: It's true.

TJ: He's kinda like the eldest and the youngest. He's the most responsible, he'll look after our passports and go to the bank... all that stuff. But then, say there's a big crowd we have to go through, he won't go first.

Taryll: Taj is funny.

TJ: He's very visionary, very creative. He wants to go into videos, directing, film-making. He edited a special version of "Anything" for us.
Taryll: He watches old Beatles' footage and likes to shoot little black-and-white movies of us.

TJ: He talks a lot, too. Taj can talk for hours. He can stay on the phone for ever. He's a good communicator, but he has no sense of time. He's in another world sometimes.

Taryll: Like when he's driving - he'll cruise along in the slowest lane, listening to the radio.

TJ: He's definitely different to everybody else. He looks at the world differently... kinda like Forrest Gump.

Taryll: Taj is the nicest. He would never say anything mean or cruel. People go to him first, 'cause he's the friendliest. A real home body, too - he never really goes out.

TJ: That's because he's lazy. He won't come out of his room sometimes. He reads a lot of books, too - about technology, films... stuff like that.

Taryll: He's the only person I know who brings books to the cinema or a baseball game.

TJ: If Taj wasn't in 3T, we'd be pretty aggressive. Us two get mad and say if we're upset at something, but Taj is really quiet.

Taryll: It'd be strange without Taj. He gives a whole other side to 3T. He's a really great guy.


Smash Hits, 1996

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