Brotherly Love



Being brothers and having to live together must be bad enough, but now you're working and traveling together, too!  Doesn't that put a strain on your relationship?

Taj: "We get on well and are very close but if you spend too much time in anyone's company it can be a strain. As long as we get our own rooms then everything works out just fine. We used to have to share when we were playing around the States - two of us would share one room and the other would share with our dad, who used to come on tour with us."

Taryll: "There was always a major rush for the first shower! It's just silly things like that - when we have our own room we have our own space to relax."

TJ: "If we have an argument then we usually solve it by voting on the problem and if two of us argue against the other one then that's how it's solved. Two to one!"

At 22, Taj is the big brother - is he bossy?

TJ: (the baby at 17) "He can be, but it tends to be myself and Taryll who team up together, and pick on him - he's only little!! He may be older but we're taller than him!"

Taj: "Ah, but I can use my intellect and I wait until they're sleeping to get my own back!"

Being part of the famous Jackson family, did you feel that there was pressure on you to succeed?

TJ: "No, we didn't feel we had to be a success, but music has always been somthing we wanted to do - it's always been a great love of ours and it's also something we can do together. We've played sports and other stuff too, because luckily our parents showed us that there is more to life than just music."

Taryll: "Our dad warned us about what this business can be like, as did everybody in our family because obviously they've all been through it before. He explained the bad things like losing our privacy and having to put up with the Press and stuff, but at the same time it's the chance of a lifetime."

If you weren't in the music business what would you do?

TJ: "I think we'd definitely be playing sport of some description, probably baseball! If not, then I think I'd be doing some sort of business and earning lots of money!"

Taj: "Oooh, I know. I'd have chosen between directing movies, and music videos, and baseball. We're not that keen on doing loads of exercise, and you do see some chubby baseball players so I guess we'd be okay at that."

Taryll:  "Yeah, I think I'd be playing baseball. Music and baseball are my life - take those away and I don't know what I'd do, I'd be lost!"

TJ: "Taryll, what would you do if there was no baseball and music?"

Taryll: "I'd play basketball!"

*There now begins a huge brotherly-type argument because TJ and Taj decide that Taryll can't choose a sport as his answer, but he's having none of it and still goes for basketball!!*

Boys, boys, settle down and tell us, are you lazy?

Taj: "We are lazy most of the time, but if we have to perform or do something important then we snap out of it. We don't like to get up in the mornings - that's one of the hardest chores for us!"

Tell us what life was like before you released "Anything" and what it's like now.

Taryll: "Before we had a record deal we were working hard on our music but we still managed to squeeze in time to see friends, play video games and sports. These days we don't get to much time for all that but our friends still keep in touch and are very supportive of what we do, so that's nice."

Has success made you big-headed?

Taj: "No, I don't think so. We met up with some fans recently and we sat down and chatted to them. I think they found it hard to understand that we were actually taking the time to speak to them. We're sensible enough to know that without our fans we'd be nothing. I mean, it doesn't take five minutes to be polite - that's the way we've been brought up."

Taryll: "We are very normal and down to earth. Hey, we wear PJs all the time, and you don't get much more down to earth than that!"

Now that you'll have thousands of fans following you around, does being surrounded by security annoy you?

TJ: "We've kinda been surrounded by security all our lives so it's not too much a problem. We don't get to go out that often anyway 'cos we're so busy so it's usually a night in front of the telly or just hanging out with friends."

Taj: We're not really into partying and stuff like so it's not too much of an inconvenience and, like TJ said, we've never really known any different. I guess now though, the security people will be concentrating more on us whereas before they've been around if we've been with Aunt Janet and Uncle Michael."

And do you find time for girlfriends?

Taryll: "We've had girlfriends but now that we're travelling all over the world it's not really fair to have a relationship with anyone. Maybe once we're more settled with our career we can start dating again. But having said all that, it doesn't mean we can't look...and we are looking, believe me!"

Where would you go on your ideal date?

TJ: "A drive-thru McDonald's!"

The other two: "You can't say that!"

TJ: "Why not? I think going to a drive-thru is fun and I love McDonald's."

Taj: "Yeah, but it's not very romantic. I'd go to a movie first and then maybe go out for something to eat or maybe go and play minature golf. Y'know do something fun."

Taryll: "I'd definitely go and do something fun, or ask what the girl would like to do because there's no point in going to do something if you both don't want to do it."


BiG!, 1996

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