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What is your earliest childhood memory?
Playing baseball with my brothers and my father in the backyard when I was four.  I was OK for a four year old - they didn't throw the ball too hard, but I
could still hit the thing!

You're the youngest of the three - did Taj and Taryll push you aroundwhen you were a kid?
No!  They looked out for me, they were good older brothers - they'd never beat me up!  Sometimes Taj tried to wrestle me, but I didn't mind!  I was lucky - a lot of brothers I knew really didn't get on, but I've always liked hanging out with my brothers.

How much has your personality changed since you were a kid?
Not that much!  Even though we're in this business and travelling the world, we're still the same - we still hang out with our friends and play video games, only we play video games in Europe now instead of at home!

Can you still remember your first day at school?
No - my first school memory is winning a spelling contest!  I was so excited - the word was doughnut and everyone was impressed 'cause that's a difficult word for a five year old, and everyone else spelt it 'd-o-n-u-t'!

Did you enjoy school?
Yeah, I love to learn.  I didn't like waking up at seven o' clock, though!  I haven't finished school - it's been put to one side because of work.  But I want to finish my studies - it's important.

What age were you when you became interested in music?
About seven when we started a little band!  I played drums, Taj played keyboards, and Taryll played guitar!  We started singing a year later and after
that we praticed every day.

When did you realize that your family was so famous?
When we went on holiday to Hawaii when I was seven - all these people ran up to my father at the airport and I didn't understand why, it was on Dad! That's when I guessed we were different.

You started in the music business very young - is that a good or bad thing?
I don't regret it and I don't think I missed out on anything.  You learn how to watch out for people, and about business - it makes you a stronger person.  What is weird is that I've paid taxes since I was thirteen years old!

What's the best holiday you ever went on?
When we went all around the Far East with Uncle Michael when he was doing his Dangerous tour - that was amazing!

Do you miss your childhood days?
A little - I mean, you have nothing to worry about except for having fun!  I do miss that a bit... I wish I could have a bit more fun!
What's your earliest childhood memory?
Watching my uncle Michael perform when I was about four!  And I vaguely remember my first game of baseball when I was two.

How did it feel to be the middle child of the family?
Good, because I got to be the older brother to TJ and the younger brother to Taj! I had the best of both worlds - I looked after TJ and I had Taj to look after me.

What were TJ and Taj like as kids?
TJ was funny!  To a lot of people he was cute, but to us he was just real funny - he was always saying funny stuff and always laughing!  Taj was always interested in computers and video games - some things never change.

Do you still remember your first day at school?
Yeah, I remember finger-painting!  I think I had fun and I was really happy 'cause I got to play loads of sports.  We went to school together, which helped,
and I liked it in the beginning, but I got tired of it after a while - like everyone else, I s'pose!  I liked maths, P.E. and Spanish - I used to think I was quite good at speaking Spanish, but then I went to Spain and realized I can't speak it at all!
What's your earliest childhood memory?
When I was three I was playing tag with my Auntie Janet and Uncle Randy and I ran through a glass door!  I got really badly cut up.  I lost a lot of blood and had to go to the hospital - I've still got the scars now.

Can you still remember your first day of school?
Not really, I only remember that I was really quiet in school - I didn't talk to anyone!  I had lots of friends and was easy to get along with, I just wasn't a
talker.  I didn't go up to people and talk to them, they'd usually come up to me - I was very shy.

Where you good at school?
Yeah, I was very well-behaved and I got good grades!

How did your classmates react to you being from such a famous family?
There were a lot of celebrity children at our school so you weren't aware of it - we were just normal kids. As we got older they started realizing who I was and I started to realize who they were. It's painful, because some of the new kids at school who you thought were your friends were only talking to you because they wanted tickets for concerts!


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