Interview 3T
The guys from 3T are doing very well. The Jackson nephews have a huge hit with “Stuck On You” and recently their album “Identity” was released. Last Sunday they performed at Fox Kids Planet Live, where we had an intimate talk with Taryll, Taj and TJ.


Hi guys, how are you doing?

Taryll: Better than we ever could have dreamt of! After seven long years of silence, we are fully back now.

TJ: Here in Holland the fans welcome us with open arms. Like we were never gone. Of course we are very happy about that. 

Taj: Last Sunday we performed in Rotterdam at Fox Kids Planet Live and before that we were at the stage of Radio 538 in Amsterdam (Queensday). That was an amazing experience. The crowd was great and we got to meet a lot of fans personally.


Do you remember the first time you listened to music?

Taj: I’m almost certain we first listened to music from the Jackson Five, the group of our parents, but also from our uncle Michael Jackson.

Taryll: There was always music in the Jackson family. We grew up with it, it was part of being raised.  By watching and listening to the Jacksons a lot, we wanted to do music too, just like our family.


Is that the reason you started to make your own music?

TJ: It was kind of obvious. Our father always took us to the rehearsals. There we saw how much fun he and my uncles had.


What makes you very happy?

Taryll: A nice lazy day. A day without obligations and you can do whatever you like. That particularly means to sleep in!

Taj: Queensday in Holland! It was wonderful to see so many happy people. Children, famlies who were having fun all day.

TJ: Yeah! We were on a boat, a tour of the canals in Amsterdam. We experienced what a real Queensday is like. Cool!


Which moment in your life you will never forget?

Taj: When our mother passed away. That was the saddest time of our life.

Taryll: Of course that’s the same for us too. She’s been gone for a while now, but it still is hard. We were real close to her.

TJ: I’m sure she would be very proud of everything we achieved.


What are you most proud of?

Taryll: Performing, touring. The fact that we achieved all of this on our own. We worked very hard for it. This succes is what we deserved!

TJ: That we are fully back after seven difficult years. Being able to perform again and sharing songs with the fans. No other feeling can beat that.  




May 6 2004

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