Interview: 3T is back and they will show you that for sure


Halfway the nineties three guys made a run in the charts all over the world. Singles like Anything, 24/7 and I Need you, 3T had the whole world on their feet. When the hype around the guys was slightly over, it suddenly became quiet. That silence has been broken in 2004 with their own record label and a new album, Identity. Feestleven talked to Taj, Taryll and TJ about their new album, what kind of influence the Jackson family had on their career and why we didn’t hear anything from them for such a long time after the huge succes in 1997.

To a lot of children family is very important, the same goes for Taj, Taryll and TJ. Their family is more to them than just the people you grow up with. As the sons of Tito Jackson, brother of Janet and Michael Jackson, they have been surrounded by music since the day they were born. "Being part of the Jackson family of course helped us. We always went to the concerts and there you meet a lot of people. You also learn what that world is about. When we started making our own music, we already saw all sides of the music business. On the other hand, it also has its disadvantages being part of a famous family. There's a lot more pressure to succeed, because you're a Jackson. Because of the succes of our uncles and aunts, we are expected to do the same in an instant. It seems to be forgotten you need time to grow."


At the moment Michael Jackson is put on trial for alleged sexual abuse of children. Being the nephews it also has influence on the behaviour of 3T. "We've gotten used to it. The whole family has always been in negative publicity. It's very hard to see how unrespectful our family is being treated. In America it's even worse than here in Europe. When we are here for our performances we try to not think about it, but that still is difficult.


Like written in the intro, 3T had a lot of succes halfway the nineties. After that huge succes it suspiciously became quiet. "We had a couple of problems after the succesful time. In 1999 we were in a trial around the death of our mother (who is murdered by their stepfather). When that was over there were problems with Sony, who let us wait to release a new album. Those are the most important reasons why it took so long before a new album was released. The new album is released by our own record company."


"The new album, Identity, is a musical reflection of 3T. We produced the album ourselves and that makes it pure. Some songs are about situations we've been through the last couple of years. Situations that hold us back to achieve our goal, about love and about losing a loved one, like our mother. You can find this all on the album."


Last week 3T was in Holland for several performances and promotional activities. It didn't matter where they were, it was crowded everywhere. Even after such a long period of absence. "It's very nice to see people didn't forget about us. The people in Holland are amazing and very loyal. We love to perform here. Queensday was a special day for us. The solidarity between all the people on that day is something we never saw before. We really love Holland in this way", says 3T, who will be back in Holland for a concert.




May 2004

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