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After almost 10 years 3T is back at last!


It's already been almost 10 years ago when we first heard about 3T. But now they are back with a completely new album! The guys, who are probably better known as "Michael Jackson's nephews", released a single of their upcoming album "Identity". This single "Stuck On You" (a cover from Lionel Richie), you can win at Hi Music! The only thing you have to do to win one of these singles is anwering a question.


It doesn't happen very often the interviewer itself gets treated like a star. But that is what happened to Hi Music while interviewing 3T! The guys are working on their comeback and were in Holland for promotion at the Efteling. There we were driven in a semi-blinded car to the Theater, where we had a funny, but short conversation with the nephews of Michael Jackson.


Once we arrived at the Theater, we couldn't believe our eyes. In the corner we saw Marco Borsato on the phone, in the artist canteen we saw Do watching tv and Trijntje Oosterhuis getting soup. Ronan Keating is supposed to be there as well. How could we know there were recordings of the Staatsloterij Show? Now we know what is happening at the Efteling during winter season. We are surrounded by several big starts. With the biggest three we are put into a small production room, where a "talking" walkie talkie provides for some necessary laughs. "Is that a complete headset?", Taryll asks. We started off the interview a little nervous, but the guys make you feel comfortable right away.



Also because of their charismatic appearance, the guys already had a lot of fans in 1995. A part of that fanbase we saw waiting at the entrance. 3T travelled by train (Thalys) from Paris to Holland, which was probably unkown to them. Same goes for the French fans. "The fans who were there didn’t have a ticket to travel with us", Taryll explains. "It’s amazing how they still support us. The Dutch fans are great!", TJ says, the youngest of the three. "We do feel guilty towards our fans about our long absence, but we couldn’t help it."



It's already been years ago since 3T came out with the song "Anything". The matching album “Brotherhood” became a Gold Record in several countries, including Holland. In France it even got Platinum. But how the comeback took that long? "Our uncle Micheal had problems with Sony, and we got stuck in the middle", Taryll starts. For the record: Micheal Jackson produced the album "Brotherhood", which was released in 1995. The new album should have been out in the year 2000, but it went wrong.  


Because of conflicts between Michael and Sony, the album never was released. It wasn't until 2002 when they got rid of the contract with Sony. A complete new album got lost during that process. "Sony had the rights to all songs. So we couldn’t use anything", Taryll explains. New material had to be written, which resulted into "Identity". The album was actually called "Chapter II: Identity", because it's a new chapter for us. We set up our own record label, so now we’ve got more influence on the decisions. Our european distributors thought 'Stuck On You' was a good first single to release. "Our second single 'Sex Appeal' was our choice at first. This single is already doing well in France", adds his older brother Taj.



'Sex Appeal' was unanimously chosen as the favorite. The guys seem to agree with eachother more often. "Of course we also have our arguments", Taj laughs. That's part of doing music with family members. Talking about family; isn’t it a bad timing on making your comeback at this period? First Michael, who's being accused of sexual abuse, and now Janet with the breast incident. The brothers are able to laugh about this. "Our family is always in the news! The American media are always overreacting. They blow up everything", Taryll reacts. "We don’t bother about it". Despite the sayings by the media, the three know they can count on their family and eachother.


They maybe brothers, but still their characters differ. Taj seems to be a huge computer nerd. "My brothers and other family members regularly call me with computer problems and I talk them through." But also for himself he spends a lot of time behind the computer. Sometimes even with Taryll. He's a fervent chess player and likes to challenge his brothers. "Unfortunately I don't have much time anymore these days. Especially since we are releasing a new album now", he pouts. TJ rather watches people. "No, I don't mean it that way!", he defends. "More like observing. I like to watch people in their natural environment. They act all different when nobody is watching." During the conversation we are being observed too, same as our list with questions, which we try to hide on a subtile way after some looks from TJ. 



The guys are obviously busy. Even Valentine's Day is used for other plans. On the day of love the three are going to sleep in. "Lately we've been so busy pomoting in Holland, France, Germany. That was tiring", Taryll explains. Enthusiasticly he tells us there's gonna be a new single released in Holland at spring time. "Hopefully we will be doing a couple of shows after that", TJ adds. Suddenly the interview gets interupted, because 3T need to do recordings for the Staatsloterij Show. After about eightteen times of saying "Thank You", they really have to leave us. Enjoying and giggling we get into the car with our security guard, who doesn't know exactly the way and drives us to the Land of Laaf. We don't mind at all; nothing can ruin this day!   




February 2004

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